The Hummingbird flight

The City Culture and Promotion Department of the City of Bologna and the Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana, in collaboration with Radio Bologna Uno, have promoted the project ‘Il volo del colibrì’ (The Hummingbird flight). Stories of civic imagination, a streaming social TV programme.

Designed to support the city social and health system during the most critical phases of the COVID-19 crisis, this Web and radio broadcast has promoted the collection of funds to support the people of Bologna and the Sant’Orsola, Maggiore and Bellaria hospitals, directly hosting both famous people and common people.

‘Il volo del colibrì’ consisted of 15 episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 4 specials from 9 April to 4 June 2020, giving a voice to citizens and the various communities in Bologna, who participated from their homes to tell stories and talk about themselves during the most critical period of the health emergency.
These episodes told common stories about adaptation, work, and solidarity, daily stories that describe how our city has reacted to the crisis. Representatives from the world of culture, sports, and associations, together with doctors, nurses, artisans, students, retirees, and other figures talked together and with listeners to interact, trade advice and useful indications, and entertain with music, readings, and stories about daily life.

The extraordinary stories of solidarity and resilience of these ‘fighters’ for daily hope is the object of dedication of the title of the broadcast, ‘Il volo del colibrì’ (The Story of the Hummingbird), which reworks the beautiful African fable, inviting everyone to do their part and contribute to the common good.

With the gradual improvement of the health emergency and consequent release of restrictive measures, the programme entered a new phase, changing both the format and broadcast time. The second phase of 8 episodes was broadcast between 22 June and 10 August and told about the main characters and places of summer in Bologna.
On air every Monday at 18 for about an hour, live on Radio Bologna Uno, and in streaming on the Foundation’s Facebook page, and even on our dedicated YouTube channel.

The show is conducted by journalists Silvia Santachiara and Manfredi Campione. The episodes are available on our dedicated YouTube channel for anyone wanting to watch again.

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